Many of the clients that we began with in 2011 are still with us today.

Over the past 7 years, customers throughout the Southern California territory have come to rely on Herman Weissker Power for their electrical utility construction services. 7 years ago, when the Meruelo Group Enterprises began to build this new division, they used the same simple philosophy – do it right the first time, every time. Today, Herman Weissker Power, Inc. still follows this same philosophy.


Herman Weissker Power, Inc. officially established its own name and division January 2018.

Our Team continues to focus on installing overhead and underground infrastructure with Southern California Edison Company and many other utilities within the area. In the following 7 years, Herman Weissker Power has become an industry leader in electrical overhead and underground system installation. This year we are establishing our own planning department as part of our “design-build” approach; we will plan the work and oversee the installation and construction.

Herman Weissker Power, Inc. is a Certified Minority Business – Certificates on file: SC04003 #1412 CPUC-Supplier Clearinghouse #4KS00002